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BFA students should decide to major in Commercial Design or Animation Design before admission.
All first-year Design undergraduates participate in the same program,
developing fundamental skills
and sensitivities
as well as personal interests and strengths.

Throughout the next two years, students focus on their chosen area, building more specialized skills through a combination of required and elective coursework. In their fourth year, students integrate their acquired skills by completing two semester-long, team-based Senior Projects with institutional and/or industrial clients.


Year One: Foundation Rooted

In the first-year implementation of the design foundation compulsory courses, elective courses with different areas of design, so that new to strengthen artistic ability and understanding of other areas of design. Interdisciplinary learning is to develop a” design + marketing integrated design talent".

The basic knowledge required courses include: Introduction to basic drawing, design sketches, visual communication design, text styling, constitute a plane, three-dimensional structure, design aesthetics,
color experiments and applications.

Years Two and Three: Specialization and Concentration

This stage from sophomore to junior year, 4 semesters. The Department to recruit students into two
groups, students must attend core courses, specialization courses corresponding entry groups must also attend.

The Department will therefore every expertise planning into two learning process and the implementation
of a systematic, long-term way to student learning addition to core courses outside the professional field.
This practice is also perfect to achieve the students taught "diversity" target.


4 Specialization Program:
audiovisual creation process,
Graphic Design Program, 
Web Multimedia Design Program.

Years Three and Four: Integration of diverse professional

This stage from the junior to senior year, four semesters. After basic capabilities, the spindle areas of specialization skills to cultivate complete, followed must verify the effectiveness of learning, and let them play their own specialization role, with the role of other expertise to work together on the stage of design or
marketing, do out a wonderful performance.


Our department's most notable features are: Design + Marketing integration.
The course consists of the integration of diverse professional stage: practical monograph, internship, graduation project and graduation production, as well as other courses.

The Department "basis, spindle, expertise, integrating" the four strategic planning courses to the response characteristics of the cultural and creative industries, nurturing Design + Marketing integrated design talent, would be a success in the future "visual designers”, “video animation designers”, as well as “marketing planning staff” of three operating range, while also nurturing of our department developed the objectives and characteristics.


Commercial Design Program

Animation Design Program



The Department of Visual Communication Design welcomes your interest in our graduate programs. We offer three distinct programs leading to a Master’s degree.


Master’s Programs

The Master of Design (MDes) degree may be earned in Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design, Package Design, Information Design, Interaction Design),  Animation Design (2D, 3D animation, Stop Motion, Motion Graphics) and we also jointly offer a program with the Department of Creative Product Design (Industrial Design).


Application Process

If you are interested in applying to one of our graduate programs, visit our “Apply to STUT page and admission instructions