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To apply to the Visual Communication Design Department, you must first apply to STUST. Your admissions materials will go straight to the university admissions office. Please refer to the “Apply to STUST” page.


We offer BFA and MA degrees in Visual Communication Design, which include Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Animation Design, and Industrial Design. At the graduate school, we encourage practical-oriented research so that students can integrate seamlessly with and make valuable practical contributions to industry in the future. 

Financial aid and Scholarships

Financial aid can take the form of grants and scholarships from the government, the university, and other private and public organizations. Other forms of aid might be low-interest student loans with deferred payment schedules, work-study funds, and more. All of these can help defray the cost of a college education.

The university has many resources to help students determine their eligibility for financial aid and to find scholarships:

Admissions has pages on grants and scholarships

STUST scholarship

STUST provides the following scholarships for applicants with good academic performance who are not receiving financial aid from the Taiwanese government or from their home country. A scholarship will be canceled if you are awarded grants or scholarships from other organizations.

Types of Scholarships

1. Undergraduate

Tuition fees waived. 

2. Master’s

Tuition fees waived. 

Please refer to The Regulations of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Scholarship for International Students for detailed information.

More Scholarship information:

GOVERNMENT scholarships